Zrebar Lake

Zrebar Lake

Zrebar Lake or Zrevar is one of the most elegant places in the Kurdistan province. It is located 3 km west of Marivan city in Kurdistan province.

The name is composed of zrê (“sea”) and the suffix –bar (which in Kurdish means “lake”). The water of the lake is sweet and is provided from a number of spontaneous springs and precipitation. In most winters, the surface of the lake is completely frozen. The Zrebar Lake is about 5 km long and its width is about 1.6 km. The size of the lake is variable due to variations in the volume of water in different seasons and its maximum depth is 5.5 meters.

Zrebar Lake        Zrebar Lake

Zrebar Lake is the largest and most beautiful lake in west of Iran and one of the most unique freshwater lakes in the world. It has all the conditions for a comprehensive international wetland. There are even some aspects of the behavior of some organisms that have not been studied or announced yet and require further survey.

Approximate volume of lake’s water is estimated to be about 30 million cubic meters. The lake’s environment is about 22.5 km and the average rainfall is 786 mm per year. Relative humidity is 58.5% and average annual evaporation of 1900 mm is reported.

Zrebar Lake        Zrebar Lake

Zrebar Lake is a major touristic attraction in the region. There is a great deal of folklore about the origins of this lake amongst the Kurdish people of the area.


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